Our vision is to be

a community of people called by God to

help equip one another to live life under Jesus our king.

That means:

Kingdom - The church exists to continue that which Jesus Christ began on earth - to bring about the Kingdom of God. The church continues to be the evidence of that kingdom today. Therefore its purpose is to encourage all people who are caught up in the kingdom of darkness to turn to Jesus and be transferred into his kingdom. The church is Christ’s body and he is its head. It has a personality that is alive, breathing, feeling,acting, suffering, sorrowing, bleeding and in constant need of healing and restoration, both individually and corporately. It is people together for the glory of God.

Equipping - As each member contributes to the life of this body, under the direction of the Spirit,other members are equipped to live in God’s kingdom.

Community - Therefore we are a community of fellowship - a band of brothers and sisters - learning to live in the type of love that binds the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in unity. We are committed to a task greater than any of us can manage on our own - living under Christ’s kingship.

Chosen - The church is Christ’s bride, who he has chosen and is preparing for his return. That means he will build his church as we participate with him. The church is therefore both the local congregation, such as ours in Hunters Hill, and the universal body of all Christians around the world.


Our church is based on four core values:

a. Transformation –Seeking to allow God to renovate our lives, recognizing that the old must go before the new is built in. This involves being real with ourselves and not putting on a ‘Christian mask’

b. The individual and the Body - The individual is important as God will speak to every believer, and our business is to empower the individual. Yet that happens when we come together in unity as a body, seeking submission rather than our own agenda, as we seek to build community.

c. Being salt and light - Being involved in ministering to those outside our walls; bearing witness to ‘Jerusalem, judea, Samaria and the ends of the Earth’.

d. A hunger for God – Maintaining a heart oriented towards God, passionately seeking Him and His glory, wanting to be made into his likeness, and to love him.