Individual Ministries



        Every Christian in our church is a minister, serving God where they work, live and play. Here is a list of links to some of the ministries we are involved with as individuals.

        Camp Fletcher is a Christian conference centre in the heart of Blue Mountains.

        Crossroads Fellowship is a Christ centred organisation for people with disabilities and their carers which affirms them, advocates for them and promotes their integration into, and acceptance by, the community and Christian churches.

        Jesus Is Real is a portal web site assembling compelling evidence, both historical and contemporary, for the Christian faith.


        The Australian Independents Movement is an organisation of ordinary Australians from diverse backgrounds seeking a more participatory democracy.

        Climate Change Answers is a web site explaining the science behind the phenomena of global warming. It also explores potential technological, economic and political solutions.

        Wesley Institute, Australia’s first and leading Christian Arts college, provides outstanding opportunities for academic, artistic, professional and spiritual development in a supportive, creative and collaborative learning environment. Through excellence in Christian higher education, we seek to benefit the community as we equip people for Christian life and leadership in a range of influential vocations.